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If you have additional questions or would like more information on what Urban City Property Management provides, you can Contact Us and we will respond shortly.

Tenant screening

Urban City requires all applicants to fill out a detailed application and submit it for processing/approval. We conduct a thorough review of their credit, income, and tenant history or ownership. All applicants must submit verifiable information on their income and rental history or previous home ownership. Cross-referencing all three areas – credit, tenant history, and income - provides the answers to qualify or disqualify prospective applicants.


As an owner, maintaining insurance for your property in the event of an accident is still your responsibility. Contact your insurance provider to discuss what these changes will entail from owner occupied to landlord liability. Tenants are required to provide their own renters insurance policy information, or be automatically enrolled in Landlord Liability policy.

Service Animals

Service animals for handicapped/disabled persons are NOT pets by Federal law, and owners cannot discriminate against handicapped/disabled persons with a service animal. Fair Housing legislation does NOT allow owners or property managers to collect deposits or pet rent of any kind for service animals. Landlords can still process applicants who are handicapped or disabled on the same criteria as her applicants: income, credit, and tenant history.


Upon signing our management agreements, we will automatically enroll your property's utilities in care of Urban City. This means that upon a tenant move out, your property will automatically be transferred into our name for the duration of vacancy. We will collect these statements and bill them directly to your account. Upon tenant move in, all utilities (unless otherwise specified) will be required to be transferred into the tenants name upon lease start.

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